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Garrison Woods Property Management


Citysearch manages residential properties of all sizes for investors and owners. Garrison Woods property management includes the day-to-day operation of the property, developing strategies and taking actions to maximize property values and investment returns. Citysearch leases properties faster and for more while minimizing risks by securing top tier tenants. Citysearch’s corporate relocation and other networks, ability to harmonize tenant relations and careful practical management create value tomorrow.

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Citysearch’s Garrison Woods Property Management services include:

  • Marketing & Promotion
  • Leasing
  • Inspections – Move-in, Move-out and Interim
  • Rent Invoicing & Collection
  • Managing Property Expenses
  • Repair & Maintenance
  • 24/7/365 Hotline for Tenant Emergencies
  • Financial Reporting

Lease faster & for more ...

Having a successful rental property requires a lot of time, effort, experience and expert knowledge. Let Citysearch save you time, effort and frustration that comes with gaining that experience. Citysearch will lease your property faster and for more while minimizing risk. As a full-service Garrison Woods Property Management company, our team is responsible for taking care of all aspects of managing your property.

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Signature Plan

Most Common

  • Site consultation
  • Rental property analysis report
    • Valuable insight for discerning investors
  • Property profile set-up
  • Professional marketing & promotion
  • Rigorous screening and tenant placement
  • Full daily Garrison Woods Property Management including site inspections
    • Move-in
    • Move-out
    • Interim
    • Special as needed
  • Repair and maintenance management
  • Emergency & insurance claims management
  • Turnkey financial reporting including rent collection and monthly reporting


Condos: 1-2 Bedrooms
500-1100 ft2 Units

  • Site consultation
  • Rental property analysis report
    • Valuable insight for discerning investors
  • Property profile set-up
  • Professional marketing & promotion
  • Rigorous screening and tenant placement
  • Full daily property management including site inspections
    • Move-in
    • Move-out
    • Interim
    • Special as needed
  • Repair and maintenance management
  • Emergency & insurance claims management
  • Turnkey financial reporting including rent collection and monthly reporting


Small & Large – Multiple Properties
& Apartment Buildings

  • Small Portfolio Plan – 5-15 properties
  • Large Portfolio Plan – 16+ properties
  • Multi-property pricing – Contact Citysearch for a customized proposal
  • Site consultation
  • Rental property analysis report
    • Valuable insight for discerning investors
  • Property profile setup
  • Professional marketing & promotion
  • Rigorous screening and tenant placement
  • Full daily property management including site inspections
    • Move-in
    • Move-out
    • Interim
    • Special as needed
  • Repair and maintenance management
  • Emergency & insurance claims management
  • Turnkey financial reporting including rent collection and monthly reporting


Citysearch’s market analyses provides data to make informed decisions about your rental property. To find out what your property will command in today’s market, please contact Citysearch.



why choose Citysearch

KEY Garrison Woods Property Management SERVICES ELEVATED

Competency Transparency Professionalism

  • Online/Secure Rent Collection & Payments

    Online/Secure Rent Collection & Payments

    Citysearch’s rent collection and payment platform allows for secure rental collection and payment allocation. Several payment options are available to the Tenant including e-transfers, EFT, checks and credit card payments. Citysearch provides consolidated invoicing for rent payments to its corporate clients.

  • Tenant Screening

    Tenant Screening

    Comprehensive screening of applicants for a property including credit check, previous landlord references, employment verification and more.

  • Bespoke Rental Marketing

    Bespoke Rental Marketing

    Strategy, professional and targeted, our proprietary marketing campaign ensures vacancies are filled quickly with the highest quality tenant for the highest market rate. In today’s market, online promotion is important as well as reaching out to our corporate client connections. As such, great photos and video tours ensure your property is targeted to the right audience.

  • Comprehensive Financial Management

    Comprehensive Financial Management

    Bill payments, bank reconciliation, monthly & annual financial statement and full nonresident administration. Citysearch will provide you with online access 24/7/365 to statements, invoices, ‘rental history and work orders with a click.

  • Property Inspections

    Property Inspections

    Citysearch performs periodic interior and exterior inspections with documented checklists and photos.

  • Communication


    Citysearch provides weekly updates on inquiries and leasing activity and regular ongoing communication throughout the entire process.

  • Online 24/7/365 Maintenance Portal & Processing

    Online 24/7/365 Maintenance Portal & Processing

    Assuring maintenance requests are received, processed and dispatched for efficient completion with follow-up. The Tenant Hotline is always open to protect your property around the clock. We have protocols to classify the urgency of any remediation to ensure practical cost control.

  • Vetted Vendor Partners

    Vetted Vendor Partners

    Advantageous pricing on any ancillary maintenance. Vendors are carefully qualified for insurance (liability and WCB), quality of work and responsiveness.

  • Property Turnover

    Property Turnover

    We target no vacancy gaps and can provide quick, diligent turnover of properties. We handle the process to ready the property for tenancy. We coordinate the property in-between tenancies and ensure the expectations regarding the condition of the property are communicated to the outgoing tenant.

  • Maintenance and Construction Oversight

    Maintenance and Construction Oversight

    Citysearch provides expert maintenance and project oversight for value-add projects ensuring a seamless completion. Citysearch pays all vendors on behalf of the property. We adhere to strict standards of review when hiring and reviewing a vendor’s work and invoice.

  • Response Time

    Response Time

    Citysearch targets to respond to all communication with 24 business hours.

  • Relationship and Trust

    Relationship and Trust

    Citysearch has been in business for more than twenty years serving investors and renters and the corporate relocation audience, so you know we will be here tomorrow, and the next day… with honest, relationship-based service.



Transparency & Communication Are Key

  • Is Citysearch Licensed?

    Citysearch is licensed as a brokerage with the Real Estate Council of Alberta (RECA).
  • Can I reach Citysearch after hours?

    Yes, you can reach Citysearch at (403)777-1770. The Tenant Hotline is open 24/7/365 for tenant maintenance, both routine and emergency.
  • Can you deposit monies into my account?

    Citysearch has EFT capabilities to make distributions to our client owners.
  • Do I get to see the lease agreement?

    Yes, you can request to receive copies of lease agreements and renewals.
  • Do you sell real estate as well?

    We work closely with the John Hripko Real Estate Team of Royal LePage Benchmark. The principal, John Hripko, who is the Citysearch broker’s husband, ranks in the top one percent in Canada and has achieved this ranking year after year, over the past twenty plus years.
  • How is rent collection handled?

    Citysearch offers several means for a tenant to pay rent including e-transfers, post dated cheques, pre-authorized debit payments. Many of Citysearch’s corporate clients, the major employers will be invoiced collectively, and pay by direct wire deposit to the Citysearch trust bank account.
  • How long of a lease do you sign?

    This depends on the owner-client preference. However, most tenancies are for a period of one year or longer. The corporate relocation tenants most often wish to align the tenancy term with the duration of the tenant’s work visa which is often 3-4 years.
  • How much security deposit do you charge the tenant?

    Citysearch collects a security deposit which also is frequently referred to a damage deposit, equal to one month’s rent pursuant to the maximum amount allowable pursuant to the Residential Tenancies Act of Alberta.
  • How soon can you start managing my property?

    Citysearch can typically commence the management within 48 hours of our initial consultation once an agency agreement is in place and title is confirmed.
  • What types of properties do you manage?

    Citysearch manages condominiums, both apartment-style and townhouses, single family detached and duplex residential homes and apartment buildings.
  • What type of reports do I get and how often?

    Citysearch offers several types of financial reports and these are available on the Owner Portal. Most owners prefer a cash flow statement monthly and one reflecting year end.
  • Who holds the tenant’s security deposit?

    Citysearch holds all security deposits in a trust account on behalf of the tenant’s property pursuant to the Residential Tenancies Act of Alberta. The government of Alberta establishes the interest rate payable to the Tenant for the deposit monies.
  • Do you provide nonresident administration?

    Yes, Citysearch provides full nonresident administration including monthly withholdings and remittances to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) as set out by the Government of Canada.
  • Can I use your services if I already have an agent listing my home for sale?

    Citysearch Rental Network respects the Law of Agency and will work in alignment with your Realtor. If a Tenant is found before a Buyer is found, we recommend you simply have the property removed from the sales market. If your Realtor finds a Buyer before a Tenant is secured, then you simply send us a copy of your contract and you can terminate without paying the full contract termination penalty. We would be pleased to review the specifics.
  • Do you have a pet or smoking policy for properties that you manage?

    It is recommended that a property owner be ‘pet friendly’ where possible. By not accepting pets, you may be seriously limiting the rental audience for your property. Our pet policy is as follows:
    • Three pet limit per household
    • Must comply with condominium bylaws, if applicable
    • Rental applicants with household pets or service/companion/assistive animals are required to submit a pet application and execute Citysearch’s comprehensive Pet Maintenance Agreement.
    • Smoking is NOT allowed at any of our managed properties
  • How do I sign up for property management services?

    Get starting by Inquiring About Our Services
  • How do you handle property maintenance?

    Citysearch uses third party vendors for maintenance and repairs. We have a 24/7/365 hotline for tenants to report routine and emergency maintenance. Every call is answered by a live agent.
  • How do you screen and select rental applicants?

    Tenant applications are processed and several factors are considered including credit, employment, previous landlord references and more, which are all used to accept or decline prospective tenants.
  • How do you show the properties you manage?

    We require all showings to be accompanied by a Citysearch agent. We collect particular information prior to scheduling viewings which is part of our internal procedures.
  • How will you advertise my property?

    The vast majority of our tenant prospects are sourced via our vast corporate and global relocation networks. However, we also list the property and its features on our web site along with some online rental sites. We customize a marketing strategy for each property to best reach the target audience.
  • I would like to manage my property myself. can you help me find a tenant?

    Citysearch does not offer or promote a “tenant procurement only’ service. It is our experience that the caliber of tenants Citysearch attracts are ones that require a property that is professionally managed. Ask us why… there are many reasons.
  • Can we engage citysearch to manage my property, even if it is currently tenant occupied?

    Yes. We would be happy to discuss the next steps to facilitate managing your property.


About Garrison Woods

Garrison Woods has an interesting history. This newly revitalized residential area, which is located between Crowchild Trail, 20th Street, 34th Avenue and 47th Avenue in South West Calgary, is the unique result of the redevelopment of Calgary’s former Canadian Forces Base. Completed in 2004, this community now boasts over 1,500 homes in a variety of sizes, from townhouses to new single-family homes and refurbished former military houses that were part of the CFB barracks.

As the name suggests, Garrison Woods’ redevelopment focused on its heritage as the former home of the Canadian Forces and its natural features, such as its mature trees, large parks, trails and extensively landscaped properties and more green spaces than the average Calgary area. This focus has created a unique and varied space for its residents and visitors to enjoy and is a true example of the principles of New Urbanism at work. The result offers residents a pedestrian-friendly environment, where one is only minutes away from parks, schools and public transit.

With its variety of housing and landscape, Garrison Woods is an ideal area for families of all sizes and backgrounds to grow and prosper. While it is only a ten minute drive from Calgary’s downtown core, this community offers many advantages with its focus of localized amenities that are all within walking distance. For example, the Garrison Woods Safeway is only minutes away, along with professional services like Garrison Woods Dental, which offers family dental services to this area’s residents and many other families in Calgary.

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