List for Sale and for Lease Simultaneously

Citysearch encourages a property owner to list a property for lease and for sale simultaneously. This can be a win-win situation for an owner to hedge both options… and proceed which the best first option that presents itself. Having said that, it is critically important to work with a realtor that truly wants the optimal end result for the owner, as the property may lease before it sells delaying a future purchase. Furthermore, may tenants once they have taken possession and are settled at the property, later have interest to purchase the property they reside at. If an owner is keen to sell and the tenant is keen to purchase, Citysearch will assist with facilitating a purchase, and end our management relationship.

List for Sale & Collect Rent Simultaneously

Renters are often buyers in the future. Citysearch is experiencing a trend, more often today than ever before, situations where the tenant purchases the property. Once they have experienced the property, the home, the neighborhood and its amenities, the tenant often wants ownership. The end result can be a favorable win-win for all parties.

In the situation where the property leases first, if the tenant is not interested in a purchase, Citysearch typically recommends re-listing the property for sale two to three months before the end of the fixed term tenancy. Leasing now and awaiting a ‘better’ marketplace is a strategy many property owners are taking. Collecting rent and having a tenant pay operating expenses during the tenancy period mitigates expenses as compared to a home that sits vacant or is under-sold.

Citysearch is a real estate brokerage however does not conduct sales and is strategically aligned with the Hripko Nelson & Partners Group of Royal LePage Benchmark, who's impressive track record includes being ranked in the Top 1% of all North American Realtors annually since 1991.

If you are interested in participating in this arrangement, please complete the information , and we will reach out to you.


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