Clutter. No one likes it or wants it. And if you find it doesn’t bother you and it’s easy to ‘look past it’ that can mean it’s become such a mental stressor that your brain has blocked it out as a coping mechanism. Deep stuff, I know. Marie Kondo has said those that have trouble with clutter and letting go tend to be hanging on to the past or have a fear of the future. The KonMari tidying method can dramatically change your life for the better if you allow it, and you’ll never return to your old cluttered life again. 

Some changes and benefits you’ll see in your home and life: 

  • Living spaces that not only look good and feel good, but also allow your daily life to flow

  • Items that bring joy to your life and support you in living your ideal lifestyle

  • More time and energy for what matters most

  • Being calmer, happier, and more present

So the first and most crucial step to begin your tidying journey starts with a pen and a paper. Seriously! Before you start you have to visualize your destination. You wouldn’t just hop on a plane to somewhere without having first booked a hotel room, vetted the location, lined up a rental car etc., (ok MOST people wouldn’t do that) so you are going to have to start with a goal in mind. 

Give yourself uninterrupted time to write down your goals. G oals like, “I want to live clutter-free” or “I want to be able to put things away” are too broad. You need to think much more deeply than that. Think in concrete terms so that you can vividly picture what it would be like to live in a clutter-free space. Visualize your ideal lifestyle you want to live. There is a reason you wish to tidy your space. What do you want to gain? What motivated you to want to start tidying? IE: ‘I want my house to look & feel like a hotel room’, ‘I want to listen to more classical music’, ‘I want to do yoga everyday’. 

The next question you’re going to answer is ‘Why?’ Why do you want your lifestyle to look like that? 

Repeat this process three to five times for every item. As you continue to explore the reasons behind your ideal lifestyle, you will come to a simple realization. The whole point in both discarding and keeping things is to be happy. It may seem obvious, but it is important to experience this realization for yourself and let it sink into your heart. Before you start tidying, look at the lifestyle you aspire to and ask yourself, “Why do I want to tidy?” - Excerpt from ‘The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up’ 

For more guidance & questions feel free to contact me and together we can reinstate the joy in your life today! 

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