Gemmah Barrett

Operations & Business Development

“I handle each Citysearch property as if it were my own.”

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Gemmah is responsible for developing and maintaining client relationships. She is actively involved with new and existing owners, properties, and tenants. Citysearch has an extensive vendor network that ensures property owner and tenant matters are handled quickly. As a landlord herself, Gemmah addresses property maintenance as if the properties under management are her own; using a common-sense approach with scoping working orders, auditing vendor invoices to ensure optimal value, and maintaining relationships with many clients. Gemmah is a licensed associate who loves the challenge to continuously identify opportunities for improvement and receiving satisfaction of a job well done through client referrals. Gemmah has extensive experience in property management and started with Citysearch about 15 years ago. Her vast real estate experience and knowledge in both the corporate relocation and property management industries, process orientation and excellent communication skills are a value to Citysearch and its clients.

Gemmah has a keen eye for branding and design, and has been revolutionizing Citysearch’s property management business since.

As a mother of two daughters, Gemmah like her ‘to do lists’…. and enjoys spending time in Calgary with her partner and children, visiting family in Montreal and keeping current with social media, and other trends related to design and gourmet. Gemmah loves anything nature or finger painting related and she is passionate about fashion, specifically handbags and scarves.

Gemmah’s unique combination of skill, efficiency and humor is a winning combination for Citysearch’s owners and tenants. Gemmah is a go-getter – her positive energy is simply contagious.

What are three things on your bucket list?
  1. Taking my daughters to DisneyLand
  2. Drive fast on the autobahn
  3. Learn to speak a new language
Three words that describe me are:
  1. Knowledgeable
  2. Concise
  3. Efficient
What are you favorite golden rules?
  1. Reflect, don’t react
  2. Love your work team
  3. When you are passionate, your life is richer
  4. Invest in great handbags and scarves
  5. Do what you love and love what you do


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