Chris McGuire

Portfolio Management & Client Retention

“If you fail to prepare, you’re prepared to fail”

– Mark Spitz

Photo of Chris McGuire

Chris was born in Leeds, West Yorkshire, England and he and his family relocated to other parts of the UK followed by his final destination, Calgary in year 2008. Chris is active in sports, specifically plays soccer, rugby and football and represented Canada with his team at the 2019 World Clubs Championship held in Cancun, Mexico. Chris has taken his drive and abilities in playing in various team sports to Citysearch, and heads up the Portfolio Management & Client Retention team. Chris’ vision is to create satisfied clients, both owners and tenants, and to generate long term and repeat clients through referrals and ensuring every client is a raving fan. Chris gets excited when clients post five star reviews for his and his team’s performance. Chris goes full out for Citysearch’s clients and treats each as if each was the only client. Excellent communications, reacting quickly and practical solutions prevail.

What do you love most about the Citysearch team?
Citysearch’s ability to adopt to any situation and get the job done
What is your ideal morning?
After a good night’s sleep, a full English breakfast
What famous person would you like to have dinner with?
Sir Bobby Charlton, CBE, 1966 FIFA World Cup (football) and won the Ballon d’Or winner
What do you love most about being the property management busines?
The relationship built with owners and tenants
Chris’ Golden Rules:
Be who you are

Good energy trumps all

Treat people how you like to be treated

Spend time with your family… as you don’t know when they will leave you

Learn something new every day


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