Calgary Neighbourhoods

Welcome to Parkhill...

Parkhill/Stanley Park is a residential neighbourhood in the SW quadrant of Calgary. It is bounded by Mission Road to the north, Macleod Trail to the east, Crescent Boulevard to the south and the Elbow River to the west. The Roxboro Park borders the community to the north and Stanley Park is established in the Elbow River valley.

Parkhill/ Stanley Park is one of the City’s oldest communities, being annexed to the City in 1910.The western part of the community is designated as a “Conservation Area”, which encourages the preservation of existing housing and the construction of infill development. Commercial/residential mixed-use developments are replacing industrial land uses near the LRT station.

Other nearby SW communities include Elbow Park & Glencoe, Elboya, Erlton, Roxboro and Rideau Park.


Parkhill is bordered by Elbow Park, Rideau Park, Roxboro, Elboya and Erlton

Map of Parkhill
  • YYC Airport: 30 minutes by car or 60 minutes by public transit
  • 17th Avenue: 10 minutes drive
  • 4th Street Mission: 10 minutes drive
  • Tailsman Centre: 15 minute drive or 30 minutes walking
  • Downtown Core:  15 minute drive