Calgary Neighbourhoods

Welcome to Elbow Valley...

Elbow Valley is a magnificent natural landscape. Located only minutes west of Calgary, it displays the entire untamed splendor of the Alberta foothills. Rolling open meadows are set against wooded slopes, and the intimate views of peaceful river valleys contrast with dramatic vistas of the hills and mountains.

In this extraordinary setting there is a community of rare quality. Drawing on the best traditions of architecture and looking to the land itself for design inspiration – its forms, its colors, its plants and materials – it is a community in harmony with its natural setting. Selected as Canada’s Best Community, this is a special place that will stand on its own for years to come.

When you first visit Elbow Valley, you will be impressed by many things: its tranquility, its subtle colours and the rich variety of its landscape. In its enduring hills and timeless rivers, it seems a land of constants. However, it is also a land of change; colours shift with the passing of a cloud and with the passing of the seasons.

There is in Elbow Valley the potential for a new kind of community designed in harmony with this splendid landscape, its streets embracing the peaceful valleys and its homes drawing on the land itself for their form and detail.


Map of Elbow Valley
  • YYC Airport: 35 minutes by car
  • Chinook Mall: 20 minutes drive
  • Downtown Core:  25 minute drive