The Move-in Inspection

The Move-in Inspection

The Move-Out Inspection often gets a bad rap because it seems like it’s much more detailed than the Move-In Inspection. While the Move-In will usually go along at a swifter pace, I can assure you, the inspector is not being any less detailed. 

What happens is the property has already been prepped for Move-In – that means cleaned and all foreseen deficiencies dealt with. From experience, one of the biggest portions of time spent on the Move-Out is documenting the state of cleanliness or lack thereof. So naturally, if a property has received a recent visit from the cleaners in anticipation of your move-in, then there are going to be less items to note. 

The person conducting the Move-In Inspection is trained to spot deficiencies, but if they do not notice any, they will mark the area as “OK”, perhaps take an overall photo, and then keep moving. After all, you’ve likely got a million things on the go, such as your movers arriving and/or your elevator booked for a certain time, and we want to let you get settled in as soon as possible! 

But may I briefly digress one more time to the Move-Out? That wall that was “OK” at the Move-In may now have some wear-and-tear ie. scuffs or dings. Remember, you’re not liable for wear-and-tear, but these items do require documentation. More items to document = more time to do so. 

Now this isn’t to say that items won’t be missed. We’re only human! And there can be a lot going on at the Move-In for you, the tenant, to keep track of. So, rest assured, you will be provided with a copy of the Move-In Inspection for your review and your records. If you notice any additional items or deficiencies that are of concern over the next few days, by all means, snap a picture and send it to your property manager with details like its location and size. They will gladly add this to your file with the Move-in inspection report. 

Your property management company wants your move-in to be as seamless as possible and will do their best to ready the property for your arrival. But bear in mind, appliances can be a tricky one here. During either inspection the agent performing the inspection will not be running loads of laundry or dishes to test that the appliances are operational. So, if the previous tenant did not report any issues, and it is not something obvious like a giant dent or crack, then these deficiencies can sneak by unnoticed. If this is the case, contact your property manager as soon as you notice the issue, and they will have a technician out as soon as possible.

And finally, there are the rare circumstances where the owner will coordinate their own turnovers between tenancies rather than the property management company. In these scenarios it is found that, more often than not, items are missed. But these items will more than likely be picked up at the Move-In Inspection, and your property management company will have someone out to rectify the deficiencies soon after you move-in. 

No property is going to be perfect all of the time, but by working together and communicating deficiencies to your property management company promptly after noticing them, the sooner the items can be addressed, and the sooner you can be on your way to enjoying your new home!

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