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A government MLA has introduced a bill that will review rent control, security deposits and overall housing affordability.   Bill 202 is called the Alberta Affordable Housing Review Committee Act, and is sponsored by Calgary East New Democrat MLA Robyn Luff. I have attached a link so you can review the Bill.
The Bill creates a committee to examine: A/ rent regulations B/ rent subsidies C/ security deposits D/ affordability of rental rates including rates for the rental of mobile home sites E/ affordability of home ownership and mechanisms to support affordability.
Of course, everyone is in favour of affordability, but there is a right way and a wrong way to go about it.
The CRRA is opposed to any kind of rent control or restrictions on security deposits.   Our members will know that the market dictates what rents are appropriate, and most of us have stories about why security deposits are necessary.
This bill could not only impact our Owner & Manager member. Should this all come to fruition, our Service Members and their businesses could be adversely effected also.
Bill 202 creates a committee to report back to Minister in nine months on what actions should be taken.
The government has promised consultation on the bill, but there are a number of critical questions that need answering:

  • Will the committee itself be made up of all-party representation? Or just New Democrat MLAs?
  • Will the CRRA have a seat at the table to represent landlords?


We are monitoring this closely and understand at least two of the opposition parties are opposed to rent controls and other false manipulation of the free market.
We encourage everyone to respectfully reach out to their own MLAs,  to MLA Robyn Luff (who sponsored the Bill), and to Hon Stephanie McLean, Minister of Service Alberta, to demand the CRRA have full representation in consultation as this bill moves forward.
Find your MLA here:
Robyn Luff: Minister Mclean:
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