Mindful Practices

Mindful Practices

This year we are working towards ’mindful’ experiences.  

What does mindful mean?

“conscious or aware of something or focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, especially as part of a therapeutic or meditative technique”

It seems that every magazine or newspaper edition talks about something related to being mindful…  It means maintaining a moment-by-moment awareness of our thoughts, feelings, sensations and environment through a nurturing lens… When we practice mindfulness, our thoughts tune into what we are sensing rather than rehashing and reliving the past.

With the start of the new year, goal setting is top of mind for many.  While it is important and wonderful to set goals and plan how to achieve them, many experts recommend dedicating time to practising mindfulness and self-care to avoid burnout and to use this as a coping mechanism.

In property management and trading in real estate which we specialize, we often use the process of putting ourselves in the other person’s shoes when evaluating a situation.  We often think like being the property owner ourselves which then helps us with the decision-making tree to solve a problem and how we communicate the options or resolution.  Also, we put ourselves in the tenant’s shoes which may influence how we look at a situation, solve a problem, what we recommend as the action and how quickly the next steps need to be.  We get better results when we provide a mindful approach and are engaged in the needs of all our stakeholders.  Some of these concepts include being easy to deal with, being fair and practical, providing timely communication, proffering options and recommendations, to name a few. 

Being mindful is understanding the goals of the client, if could be the property owner, the seller and/or buyer who all have different motivations and intentions.  It is beneficial to consider intention, gratitude to communication, and the nuances of contracts and addendums.   When practising mindfulness in real estate transactions results in being less reactive, fosters clarity and the clients experience more gratitude - the end result is an experience rather than a transaction.  

Share your tips for practicing self-care and mindfulness with your community by reaching out to info@citysearchcalgary.com.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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