Design Movements - By Javier Martinez

Design Movements - By Javier Martinez

Javier Martinez of FRAME Interior Design Studio has prepared an article on design movements. Javier and his team recently completely redesigned an Eau Claire Penthouse which we are featuring in this newsletter and it is available to lease.

Looking for tips on how to make your home look more polished? Check out Calgary- based Interior Designer, Javier Martinez’s design tips for a flawless space.

FRAME Interior Design Studio is a full-service Interior Design firm in Calgary, offering all the required services to complete your individual design project.

Javier Martinez is principal and co-founder of FRAME Interior Design Studio. Javier spent over 9 years working alongside one of Calgary’s most well-known Interior Designers, Douglas Cridland, producing high end residential interiors in many of Calgary’s most prestigious neighbourhoods. Javier has also worked on projects across Canada, as well as abroad. Using his design expertise, Javier specializes in custom millwork solutions as well as curating expertly sourced products to make his client's vision a reality.

Javier Martinez of FRAME Interior Design Studio believes that rather than focusing on making a home ‘trendy’, you should instead focus on creating a design that uses certain design elements that can help an Interior to stand the test of time. This is not only an economical choice, but sustainable as well. Using his insight on Art, Scale, Pattern, Architectural Details, Variety of Materials, Accent Lighting, Javier will give you a glimpse into a few important details to consider when you are thinking about designing or renovating your home.


Art is important in a space, as it can help ground certain color schemes as well as make a statement! When incorporated with intention, it can be a key component in bringing a space together, but it is often not thought through, or even forgotten! Javier likes to incorporate art that is bright and colorful, when possible, to add a punch of color.


Something that many home owners do not think about is the proportion of their artwork to where they are hanging it. Javier’s top is to make sure that you scale your artwork proportionately to the wall it’s going on. If your artwork is too small, or lacks a lot of visual interest, you can frame it larger to make it appear more prominent.


Scale, scale, scale! When selecting light fixtures, make sure that they are the correct scale for their application, or else they will look out of place. You don’t need a massive 12-bulb chandelier to achieve this either, visual scale will do – like the large frame on this fixture. This also goes for lamps, area rugs, accessories, or really anything specified within an interior space.


It’s easy to It’s easy to be scared of pattern, but you should embrace it! Adding pattern can add visual interest to a space as well as make something ordinary into a cool feature. When you are playing with geometric trendy accents, make sure you don’t overdo it. We opted to go with a classic material (marble) for a timeless look.


When planning important architectural features and other elements within a space, you might be thinking about mounting things at proper heights for use etc. But something that is often overlooked is making sure that everything aligns so that the placement looks intentional. This sounds easy but can be quite time consuming and requires a lot of attention to detail and planning!


A great way to add visual interest is to mix up materials in ordinary scenarios where there would be a lack of variety. Mixing different cabinetry materials helps to break up the space, especially when you have a large kitchen with a big wall of cabinets. There are different ways to accomplish this, you can play with sheen as well as color and texture.


A fun way to add character to your space is to add light in unexpected places. Lighting is a very powerful tool that can bring depth and really add that ’wow’ factor to otherwise ordinary materials. These days, LED lighting allows you to place lighting virtually anywhere quite easily, so be creative!

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