Condominium Dispute Resolution Tribunal Update

Condominium Dispute Resolution Tribunal Update

Delayed: Alberta Condominium Dispute Resolution Tribunals 

The long-awaited creation of an Alberta Condominium Dispute Resolution Tribunal will not proceed this year as anticipated following the enactment of amendments to the Condominium Property Act and Regulations in January 2020. The Minister of Service Alberta recently delivered this new to industry stakeholders, including the Canadian Condominium Institute (CCI). 

Service Alberta had been conducting surveys with stakeholders in the condominium industry on the creation of a Tribunal to provide an alternate means for condominium unit owners and boards to resolve disputes in a quick low cost-effective way. Both Ontario and British Columbia have a tribunal process in place to address certain types of condominium disputes.

In Alberta, however, where the parties are unable to negotiate a resolution of issues on their own, currently the only option is through the courts which can be costly and a lengthy process.

CCI and many condo management companies are advocating for having a tribunal process in Alberta.

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