Condo Corporation Cannot Prevent Rental

Condominium Corporation Cannot Prevent Rental of Unit

Condominiums involve a unique form of ownership where the majority of owners control the site in a way that may impact your property rights, but that authority is not unlimited.  The Condominium Property Act (CPA) per Section 32(5) states it cannot prevent an owner from renting out his/her unit.  However, condominium corporations can adopt a rule prohibiting short-term leasing of units.  Tenants in condominiums have a legal relationship with the owner or owners’ agent such as Citysearch.  This relationship is governed by the tenancy agreement and the local tenancy laws as outlined in the Residential Tenancies Act of Alberta (RTA).  In Alberta, the RTA is the law that applies to most owner/landlord and tenant relationships.  It outlines requirements both tenants and landlords must follow and lists remedies available if there is a dispute.  Tenants in condominiums also have a relationship with the condominium corporation which is governed by the CPA and the bylaws and rules which are referred to as the governing documents.   Therefore, tenants must comply with the condominium’s governing documents.  It is critical to be familiar with responsibilities under both pieces of legislation.  Before renting your condominium, you must inform the condominium corporation before renting your unit, the condominium corporation can ask for a security deposit which cannot come from the tenants’ security deposit, the tenants’ security deposit can only be used for deductions as outlined in the RTA if both a move-in and move-out inspections were conducted, tenants (like owners) are required to follow the condominium bylaws, and furthermore unpaid condominium contributions can be taken from the tenant’s rent.

Citysearch Rental Network Inc. leases and manages condominiums and have units in more than thirty condominium sites.  We therefore work closely with condominium site managers to address tenant undertakings and to ensure tenants are provided the condominium bylaws and agree to in writing a schedule agreeing to abiding by them.

Citysearch has three condominium units for lease at Le Germain Residences.   Le Germain is a wonderful place to live offering many hotel amenities to occupants at the adjacent Residences.  These include valet, room service, housekeeping, access to meeting rooms to name a few not to mention being steps away from numerous excellent restaurants.  Citysearch has both furnished and unfurnished units at Le Germain.  Citysearch has two extremely large condominiums in Eau Claire available to lease:  a 3000 ft2 plus unit at the Princeton with high end finishing details, and a 4200 ft2 penthouse at Eau Claire Estates located at 500 Eau Claire Ave SW.

On a different note, Citysearch just leased a unit at Arriva, Xenex and Westmount Place.  We welcome relocating clients to Calgary and love the task of matching the right tenant and property.

Corporate relocations are Citysearch’s expertise.  The majority of Citysearch’s tenants are employees that have relocated to and within Calgary as a result of a job transfer to Calgary.


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