Cold Weather Reminder!

Cold Weather Reminder!

If you haven't had to turn your thermostat up yet, you will soon! 

Please note the following guidelines for your comfort, and the safety of all residents:

  • When closed, ensure that windows and patio doors are locked to reduce drafts
  • Reduce the temperature on your thermostat to no lower than 21° when you're not home and overnight
  • Many new thermostats can be programmed to change the temperature automatically
  • Do not leave windows and patio doors open especially during periods of extreme cold and especially when not monitored or unattended
  • Cold air will sink and cause pipes and zone valves to freeze, potentially causing thousands of dollars in damage to your own Unit and others

Ensure your property is inspected by an adult person when away for more than 48 hours!

Remember that any pipe freezing can result in property damage!

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