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Citysearch is leasing and providing dream results… Citysearch is holding its record for securing tenancies for the high caliber residential properties. Over the past four months, Citysearch leased five properties above $6400 per month just in the inner core communities of Calgary. The average rent for these five tenancies is $9710 per month and the median rent is $10,000 per month. Citysearch is thrilled to have secured a fabulous tenancy at $15K per month! When the market changes, so does Citysearch… we employ unique strategies for changing markets. We work to bring high caliber tenants together with high caliber properties. Citysearch is always looking for quality residential properties in Calgary and area. Have a property, give Citysearch a call. As the broker, I visit most of our properties at the start as I like to be familiar with the property and the needs and circumstances of the owners. Although corporate relocations to Calgary are down in terms of numbers, Citysearch is holding its own in terms of securing amazing tenancies. I have put my winter tires on so that may be a hedge against an early snowfall.

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We just listed three unique properties in Bragg Creek. These homes would be ideal as family homes or as a weekend retreat. Call Citysearch to arrange a viewing.

Leasing or sales, let Citysearch do our magic and provide dream results. Others promise, Citysearch delivers.

– Lisa

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