Calgary’s Eau Claire Community Improvements – April 2022

Calgary’s Eau Claire Community Improvements – April 2022

The Eau Claire Improvement Program is well underway and in the second year of construction.  In 2021, there were several site preparations, demolitions, new installations and rebuilding starts on several projects within the Area Improvements Program.  

In addition, the program:

  • Captured and released over 55,000 fish from the lagoon
  • Recycled over 843 tonnes of concrete and 62 tonnes of steel from the old Jaipur Bridge
  • Installed over 4000 m2 of steel sheet pile, and nearly 2000 m2 in the early 2022
  • Over 500 tonnes of concrete unit pavers were re-claimed for use on other city projects
  • Lumber cut from the areas trees within the project have been salvaged with reuse plans
  • Over 1K shrubs were extracted for replanting around the city

For 2022, there are plans to complete and re-open the New Jaipur Bridge and the Centre Street Pedestrian Ramps.  They are working towards having portions of the Promenade and Eau Claire Plaza opened this year.   Work on the Downtown Flood Barrier and Eau Claire Promenade will focus on earth works, structural work, and deep and shallow utilities.  Trenching and utility work will take place within Sien Lok Park, along with work around the Centre Street Bridge.  The Eau Claire Lumber Company Building will be open and activated as the Eau Claire Neighbourhood Hub.  Structural work will continue for the new Centre Street Pathway Underpass.  

There will be noted detours while work is in progress.  Third Avenue is open and will remain as a dedicated detour until 2023.  As work completes and is safe to do so, the city will work to open the permanent pathways.  It will be necessary to follow detour signage for the most up to date detours as they may change.   

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