Build a Better Bedroom

Build a Better Bedroom

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With so many daily distractions, downshifting into sleep mode can be difficult for many.  Some say “ditch the TV for a quality mattress”… It can be difficult to get the quality of sleep we need however there are few things we can do to help.  An ideal bedroom should have the environment to rest and relax our brains, and inner workings for positivity and relaxation, and to regenerate.  The bedroom should be clean, serene and edited.  Reimagine the bedroom as a place to sleep and recharge your body and brain, and remove anything that is not beautiful, brings you joy, restful or useful.

Here are a couple thoughts to consider:

  1. Invest in a Quality Mattress – like shoes, mattresses are important for physical and tranquil comfort.  There are a large variety of mattresses on the market however when getting a good night sleep, a quality one is important.  In our view, do not cut corners when selecting a mattress after all we spend typically 30% of our lives in bed, at least theoretically speaking…  A mattress plays a very important role not only during sleeping however when being awake.  Pricing of mattress can go upwards of $50K for a king sized mattress which seems excessive!  Do your research and look after your investment!    
  2. Pick a Peaceful Palette – The bedroom’s color scheme can affect your mood.  Select calming wall colors and the same goes for your sheets.  White and ivory colored sheets are classics and ideal for keeping the feeling of being crisp and clean…. Like those found in a great hotel.  Five colors suggested for a soothing bedroom include:  lavender, soft green, pale blue, soft grey and deep blue.  Green is quiet and restful and a soothing color that can invite harmony and diffuse anxiety.  There are many theories that counter this…. so pick a color that you like and that makes you feel great. 
  3. Make Your Bed – Just a personal thing… we believe that getting into a ‘made’ bed starts your sleep and creates a comfortable environment.  To further this, we believe in pressing your bed linens and properly making the bed to give the Four Seasons hotel bed feeling at the onset.  However, and having said that, some believe that keeping you bed unmade, allows it to breathe and although it may look scruffy, it may defend against house dust mites that may cause asthma and other allergies. 
  4. Layer Your Lighting – Table lamps and reading lights or sconces are effective as focused lighting which can be adjusted with lower wattage bulbs and dimmers…  In terms of artificial lighting, ambient light is achieved with ceiling fixtures or portable lamps.  Ceiling fixtures include flush mount lights, chandeliers and pendant lights.  
  5. Go Screen – Free – Blue lights from electronics can interfere with your circadian rhythms.  So many of us fall asleep while watching TV so this one can be a difficult thing to change unless the TV is physically removed from the bedroom.  Many of the expert say that removing the TV from your bedroom results in more sleep and better-quality sleep which the benefits may show in terms of productivity when you awake.
  6. Good Quality Sheets – 
  7. Avoid caffeine and other stimulants before bed time

Check out the recent National Geographic’s edition (Sep 2020) titled “Sleep” with the caption “Your Brain, Body, and a Better Night’s Rest”.  It covers the science of sleep, discusses how sleep affects health, and provide tips for better sleep… from the sleep experts.

And a good night’s sleep never gets old!  Sleep and awaken your being.

PS:  my personal opinion is not to attempt to analyze your dreams!

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