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CALGARY, AB (October 24, 2016) – ApartmentLove.com, one of the largest apartment rental websites in the world, is now home to more than 600,000 daily active listings spanning 9,500 markets across Canada and throughout the United States.

Launched in the fall of 2015, ApartmentLove.com is a favorite of the millennial generation, namely students, young professionals and new families, for its easy-to-use listing interface and beautifully styled digital environment. Attracting the best qualified listings and the most action-oriented tenants, ApartmentLove.com is making the search for rental homes, apartments and luxury condos in Calgary, Toronto, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and in thousands of other markets across North America a faster and more enjoyable experience than ever before.

ApartmentLove.com Overview:

  • Launched in the fall of 2015
  • Home to six hundred thousand (600,000) rental home, apartment and luxury rental listings
  • Nine thousand five hundred (9,500) markets in Canada and the United States

Supported by a custom and responsive website design that automatically adjusts to fit any mobile device, ApartmentLove® is best described as, “the feeling of home” from the moment you step through the door and the energy and excitement of a new home that has you placing your furniture and planning your housewarming party long before even signing the lease.  As an efficient and proven effective apartment finder website, ApartmentLove.com is accelerating the rental experience for both landlords and tenants by getting the most desirable rental homes and apartments into the hands of well-qualified prospective tenants faster than ever before.

Frustrated that a professional apartment finder website, with national coverage, did not already exist in Canada, Trevor Davidson – President and CEO of ApartmentLove.com and his team set out to build one.   “As renters ourselves, we grew tired of scouring online classified sites when trying to find a home.”  He continued explain that the rental process in Canada had slowed over the years as outdated websites with inaccurate listing details cluttered the space, the industry failed to keep up with the developments of the digital world.  Worst of all, free online classified sites like Craig’s List and Kijiji had flooded the rental space with thousands upon thousands of fraudulent listings making the rental experience, an already difficult one, a straight-up dangerous one as students and first time renters were left to navigate a virtual minefield as they searched for rental homes, apartments and condos.

Davidson continued to say, “Realizing the need for an infinitely more efficient model that presented prospective tenants with trustworthy listings, we integrated ApartmentLove.com with the real-time listing management systems of some of the largest apartment owners, property management companies and commercial landlords in North America, thereby creating a real-time inventory of vetted and trustworthy listings. Having proven the strength and scalability of our platform, landlords and property management companies have been very quick to partner with us as evidenced by our unprecedented growth here in Canada as well as throughout the United States.”

Now in development of dedicated mobile apps for both Android and iPhone operating systems, Davidson says ApartmentLove.com is gearing up for yet another major expansion as it continues to add real and tangible value for both landlords and tenants from around the world.

CitySearch Rental Network, Inc. has signed a long-term listing agreement with ApartmentLove.com and is represented on the Company’s board of directors. ApartmentLove.com is a federally incorporated Canadian company with a corporate head office in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

About ApartmentLove.com

Powered by a custom and responsive website design that automatically adjusts to fit any mobile device, ApartmentLove.com is the professional rental solution needed by both landlords and tenants today. Carefully targeted and beautifully styled, ApartmentLove.com resonates with prospective tenants, professional landlords and the coveted millennial generation because of its easy-to-use interface, comprehensive listing inventory and attractive online environment.  Bringing together the best qualified tenants and the most desirable apartments, luxury condos and single family houses for rent from in more than 9,500 markets across Canada and throughout the United States, ApartmentLove.com proudly advertises more than 600,00 active apartment rentals and is among the largest apartment finder websites in the world.

For more information, visit: www.ApartmentLove.com, or follow them on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram for the latest in home décor trends, interior design ideas and access to the most breathtaking and desirable apartments for rent from coast to coast.


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